Financial report into Kerry school completed

A financial report into the accounts of a Kerry school has been completed.

The Department of Education says it’s considering the report into the accounts of Kilcummin National School.

The Catholic Diocese of Kerry, which is the school’s patron, says it’s also received the report.

The Department of Education asked the Financial Support Services Unit – which helps schools comply with the law in terms of transparency, accountability and financial responsibility – to undertake an examination of the accounts of Kilcummin National School.

The department is now considering the report and is working with the school and its patron, the Diocese of Kerry, to help address any concerns.

The diocese has confirmed it’s received the report and that it’s being considered by the school’s single manager who carries out a role equivalent to a school board of management.

Kilcummin National School has been without a board since 2016; however, there’s no obligation for schools to have boards of management and in such situations, managers are appointed in their place.

The diocese says the appointment of a new board of management for Kilcummin National School is well underway, with many representatives in place, as per departmental guidelines.

It says the report will be brought to the school’s new board of management.