Fianna Fail party to continue partnership with Sinn Fein

A Fine Gael Councillor says he believes Fianna Fail should withdraw from the technical arrangement the party has with Sinn Fein in Kerry County Council. Following last years local elections Fianna Fail entered into a partnership with Sinn Fein in order to gain control of the Chamber. Councillor Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald says it`s his understanding many Fianna Fail supporters have become disillusioned with the party as they had effectively given power to Sinn Fein in Kerry.In light of recent events in the North Councillor Fitzgerald says he would question the morality of Fianna Fail. However the Fianna Fail Party Whip in the county Cllr Paul O Donohue says his party will not be withdrawing from their partnership with Sinn Fein. He says last June Fine Gael also made representations to the Sinn Fein party in order to gain control of the Council Chamber, but they were rejected. Cllr O Donohue says their arrangement is a technical one.