Ferris among 17 retiring TDs sharing in €22 million pension pot

The 17 TDs who are retiring from the current Dail will share in a pension pot of 22 million euro.

Enda Kenny, Finian McGrath and Gerry Adams are some of the high profile names stepping aside.

Gerry Adams will receive an annual pension of over 21 thousand euro while Finian McGrath will receive 42 thousand euro.

Outgoing Kerry Sinn Fein TD, Martin Ferris retired last Tuesday following 17 years and 9 months in the Dáil; he says he is awaiting written clarification from the Houses of the Oireachtas on his entitlements.

The Irish Independent reports his annual pension will be €42,120 with a lump sum €126,359.

Financial analyst Karl Deeter compiled the figures for the Irish Independent.

He outlines what former Taoiseach Enda Kenny will be receiving: