Farmers shouldn’t be blamed for E. coli at a South Kerry beach

Farmers shouldn’t be blamed for E. coli being in bathing water at a South Kerry beach.

Kerry County Council confirmed the presence of the bacteria at Inny Beach, Waterville saying the main reason was the torrential rain experienced on Sunday – up to 15mm in 3 hours.

They say the very large catchment area for the Inny River is also an issue, noting that this beach is vulnerable to higher than usual bacterial levels during and after high rainfall.

The council adds that slurry spreading could be a source, as well as other effluent from farmyards, but there was no evidence of this.

Local Councillor Norma Moriarty says it’s hoped the notice prohibiting swimming at Inny beach will be lifted after the results of more water tests are made available late tomorrow.

She believes the finger shouldn’t be pointed solely at farmers.