Family of 87-year-old Kerry woman express concern for her wellbeing

The family of an 87-year-old Kerry woman have claimed that she was abandoned in a retiree home by a high flying political fixer paid to take care of her. Records show that Stanley Schlein earned over $50,000 last year by being appointed guardian to wards of care in New York. Guardians are appointed when nobody is left in a family to take care of an old or incapacitated person. The Irish Voice newspaper in New York reports that a number of families have come forward to say that Stanley Schlein, the key lobbyist in building the new Yankee Stadium, had simply pocketed the money and had not shown adequate care. Among them is the family of 87-year-old Dingle woman Mary Johnson, who has Alzheimer`s disease and sits alone in a nursing home. Her niece, Catherine Vitanyi, said a key Democratic Party lobbyist who charges $450 an hour for consultancy work, had refused to return her calls. Ms Vitanyi is in Florida attending her seriously ill husband and is not free to travel to New York to tend to her aunt. She said that her aunt, who is forgetful, asked not to be sent to live with her relatives in Ireland or Florida during a court hearing to decide her future. Despite the objections of family members, the court awarded the affluent Schlein as her legal guardian.