ESB review plans to construct powerline from Tarbert to Tralee

ESB are reviewing its plans to construct a powerline from Tarbert to Tralee. The decision comes amid controversy surrounding the compensation package agreed between the semi-state company and local landowners. The latest twist in what began as a good news story for farmers, sees ESB review its Tarbert to Tralee electricity line project. This development comes after the ICMSA President Pat O’Rourke criticised ESB for entering into negotiations to agree a new compensation deal for erecting poles and pylons on farm land.In a statement issued this afternoon, ESB says in the case of the small number of farms where some preliminary works have taken place, compensation will be paid to the farmers concerned in line with the agreements which had already been reached with them. It is not clear at this stage if or when ESB will resume its Tarbert to Tralee electicity line project.