Environmental Protection Agency to re-examine sea permit granted for Dingle dredging

The Environmental Protection Agency is to re-examine a dumping-at-sea permit granted for dredging works in Dingle harbour.

The EPA is re-examining the permit due to an issue which has arisen relating to the location of dumping – specified in the original permit granted as a site 2 km south of Dún Síon head.

The site notice and map for the ‘dumping at sea permit’ in Dingle was prepared and published by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The notice stated the approximate distance to the dumping site was approximately 2km south off Dún Síon head.

In a statement, the EPA said the use of this description is leading to continuing uncertainty about the location.

Assessments and legally binding elements of the licence are based on these coordinate points.

In that context, the EPA is to re-examine the permit, with a view to making an amendment.

The permit holder is required to carry out pre-works studies – until these are complete, and approved by the EPA, no dumping can commence.

A Kerry County Councillor has called for a meeting to be held between the local authority and the EPA.

Fianna Fáil Cllr Michael O’Shea said he’s concerned about the environmental impact and a new application should be sought.

Council management said a meeting could be sought but the matter is between the EPA and the Department of Agriculture.

Cllr Seamus Cosaí Fitzgerald said no fisherman had complained to him about the matter and accused Cllr O’Shea of being politically motivated and trying to block the project.