Elderly Killarney man taken to hospital in van

The neighbours of an elderly  Killarney man had to take him to hospital in a van because there was no HSE vehicle available. header The HSE’s confirmed it had no transport available to bring the man to hospital last week after being contacted by his GP. Last week, Monday, November 30th, the doctor asked the Ambulance Service to bring the  patient from his home in Muckross to Killarney  Community Hospital so he could avail of respite care. However, there was no intermediate care service vehicle, which would normally be  used in such situations, in Killarney. The HSE hasn’t said if there was an ambulance available in Killarney  on the day of the incident. Neighbours brought the man to Killarney Community Hospital in a van on the day. The man, who was aged about 80, died a number of days later. Cllr Danny Healy-Rae, who knew the deceased man, says the HSE should have had transport available to take him to the hospital in Killarney. [audio_player src=”http://media.radiokerry.ie/mediamanager/embed/audio/49617/medium/”]