Eight debt solutions organised for people in Kerry in second quarter

There were eight debt solutions organised for people in Kerry between April and June.

Two of those were bankruptcies according to the latest report from the Insolvency Service of Ireland.

There have been a total of 112 debt solutions approved for people in Kerry between the start of 2014 and the end of June 2017, eight of them were between April and June of this year.

That’s according to the Insolvency Service of Ireland’s Quarter 2 Statistical Report for 2017.

Of the 112 solutions approved in Kerry in the past three years, 32 are bankruptcies, and two of those occurred between April and June this year.

The remainder of all approved solutions, 80, are insolvency arrangements – these are Debt Relief Notices, Debt Settlement Arrangements, and Personal Insolvency Arrangements approved by creditors and/or the courts.

Seventy-four such arrangements were agreed with people in Kerry up until March of this year, and a further six took place between April and June.