Measures to protect tourism included in no deal Brexit contingency plan

The Government’s contingency plan in the event of a no deal Brexit includes proposals to protect our tourism industry.

The document states that the UK is Ireland’s biggest tourist market and efforts will be intensified to attract visitors from other countries.

The Government’s contingency plan in the event of a no deal Brexit states that Tourism Ireland and Fáilte Ireland will be tasked with delivering consistent marketing communications to emphasise that while the UK remains part of the EU until March 29th, travel between the UK and the island of Ireland remains free of any additional barriers.

According to the plan, the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport along with both tourism agencies will monitor short term impacts of a devalued sterling on British tourist numbers to this country and strategies will be developed to address competitiveness.

Euro/dollar and sterling/dollar exchange rates will be tracked to identify any potential positive trends that could attract more US visitors.

Efforts will be intensified to identify new tourist markets in a bid to attract more visitors from other countries.

Derek Carroll is general manager of the Imperial Hotel in Tralee and tourism lead on Tralee Chamber Alliance.