Over €830,000 spent renting prefabs for Kerry schools over past four years

Over €830,000 has been spent renting prefabs for Kerry schools over the past four years.

The Department of Education released information relating to the costs of renting prefabricated units for both primary and secondary schools in Kerry.

It doesn’t have records relating to schools which purchased their own prefabs.

Prefabricated units are free-standing structures that schools use to accommodate students when space is limited or if there are issues with the building.

At the end of 2018, there were nine primary schools and one secondary school in Kerry renting prefabs.

The Department of Education says €155,000 was spent on prefabs in 2015, followed by €94,545 in 2016.

The cost nearly doubled in 2017 to €173,000.

Last year, the cost increased again, reaching €409,719.

The department says, due to budget considerations, some yearly costs may be associated with the previous or following year.