€727,000 allocated for local road improvements in Kerry


Over €720,000 has been allocated for local road improvements in Kerry.

Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring, has approved over €10 million in funding under the Local Improvement Scheme to support the upgrading of non-public rural roads.

Junior Minster Brendan Griffin and Deputy Danny Healy-Rae have both welcomed the announcement.

The €727,000 worth of funding will allow for the repair and improvement of small roads and laneways leading to homes and businesses, which are not under the normal maintenance of Kerry County Council.

These roads provide vital access to homes and farms, as well as to amenities such as lakes, rivers or the sea.

In relation to the funding, Kerry County Council will give details of their improvement projects to the Department of Rural and Community Development by the 23rd of March.

The Department will provide up to 90% of the funding for any approved projects, with the remaining contribution coming from local residents or local authorities.

Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin, says the upkeep of these roads is a priority for people who live in rural Ireland.