€537 is the average rent paid in Kerry

The average rent for all dwellings let in Kerry in the third quarter of this year, and which were registered with the Private Residential Tenancies Board, was €537. Houses That was up €7 when compared to the prevailing average rent in the third quarter of last year, when the amount was €530. These findings are drawn from the PRTB’s average rent dataset, which is part of a comprehensive rent index compiled for the board by the Economic and Social Research Institute. The figures are based on rents registered with the PRTB for all dwelling types including houses and apartments with one, two or more rooms. On an annual basis nationally, rents were 5.6% higher than in Q3, 2013. Nationally, rents for houses were 4.3% higher, while apartment rents were 7.3% higher than in the same quarter of 2013. All landlords are legally obliged to register tenancies with the Board and the number of new registrations with the PRTB in Quarter 3, 2014 was 33,438. The overall number of tenancies registered with the PRTB at the end of Quarter 3, 2014 was 300,543.