Over €260,000 spent on Skellig Michael in 2019 by the OPW

Photo:Valerie O’Sullivan/FREE PIC/REPRO FREE;

Over €260,000 was spent on Skellig Michael in 2019 by the OPW.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is closed for the 2020 season, attracted over 16,000 visitors last year.

Preparation and maintenance of the island is overseen by the Office of Public Works.

In advance of opening the island each year, the OPW spends a number of weeks preparing the island for the influx of visitors.

It cost €260,333 to maintain and prepare Skellig Michael for the last tourist season.

The majority of this cost – over €205,000 – was for the provision of services: €42,200 was spent on engineering consultancy, €32,600 on environmental consultancy, €6,027 on surveying consultancy and a further €2,400 on miscellaneous consultancy fees.

It cost nearly €64,000 for boat transport fees and archaeological services amounted to €9,500.

Steel, paint, timber, flooring and other raw materials totalled €22,000, while €10,960 was spent on audio-visual fees.

The UNESCO site is remaining closed this season.