€2,500 penalty for contravening new Kerry waste bye-laws

Photo: Pixabay

People could have to pay up to €2,500 for contravening new waste bye-laws for Kerry.

Kerry County Councillors today approved the Kerry Segregation, Storage and Presentation of Household and Commercial Waste Bye-Laws 2019.

They’re an update of bye-laws originally adopted in 2005, and  apply generally to the kerbside collection of both household and commercial waste collected by authorised waste collectors.

They will come into force on the 1st of April.

For people that don’t avail of a bin collection service, these new bye-laws state these people must ensure recyclable and other waste is taken to an authorised facility for disposal.

Documentation including receipts must be kept for a year as proof of disposal of waste.

The bye-laws state that in general bins belonging to commercial premises can only be put out after 9pm the day before collection, and must be removed no later than 6pm on the day of collection.

There are exceptions to this for Tralee; commercial bins can’t be put out before 5am the day of collection and removed by 10am, while in Killarney and Listowel bins can’t be put out before 9pm the night before they’re collected and removed by 10am after collection.

The laws state it’s illegal for tags or microchips to be removed from bins or bags; and it’s illegal to place rubbish in other people’s bins.

A person found guilty of contravening the bye-laws is liable to a penalty of up to €2,500, with an extra up to €500 for every day the contravention continues.

There’s also an option for a fixed payment notice of €75 to be issued with 21 days to pay it.