€170 million in funding needed to bring Kerry’s local roads up to standard

Cllr for Kerry County Council John Joe Culloty. (FF) Photo By : Domnick Walsh / Eye Focus LTD ©

It will take at least 20 years and €170 million in funding to bring Kerry’s local roads up to a reasonable standard.

That’s according to Kerry County Council, when responding to a motion by councillor John Joe Culloty.

Mr Culloty is calling for the standard of minor and cul-de-sac roads to be improved.

Mr Culloty is appealing to the council to carry out a survey determining the cost of upgrading such roads.

He acknowledged the lack of funding available, however, says the minor and cul-de-sac roads need to be brought up to a reasonable standard.

Cllr Culloty adds that separate funding should be sought from the department for this work.

Kerry County Council says they carried out condition surveys of regional and local roads over the past three years.

They say in addition to €15.2 million in grant aid from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in 2017, KCC provided €4 million from its own resources for the maintenance and upkeep of the non-national road network.

Almost €8 million of which is spent on strengthening and rebuilding roads.

Over 40% of Kerry’s local roads are considered to be in very poor condition, according to the council which says it would require an investment of €170 million.

Under the Restoration Improvement Programme and based on current funding levels, this would take at least 20 years.