Dwindling returns of salmon smolts to the county cause concern.

The South West Regional Fisheries Board has been urged to investigate dwindling returns of salmon stocks to the county over the last 30 years. The board has been urged to initiate a study to find out the reason why just 10% of salmon smolts are returning to Kerry waters. They say there are several possibilities for this decline. Thirty years ago the number of salmon smolts returning from the feeding grounds of Greenland stood at 25%. However recent figures released show a considerable drop in the number of salmon smolts returning to Kerry. Commercial fisheries are not to blame according to the south west regional fisheries board as the stocks are not getting back to the county`s coast.DNA testing of feedfish at salmon and other fin fish farms is required to determine if this is the cause of so many salmon not returning to Kerry waters. Research would be expensive but the south west regional fisheries board who are important managers of the salmon resource may begin investigating the case. Elsewhere spawning targets in the county have been positive with up to 8,000 returning salmon in the Laune River. This is despite the river having one of the largest commercial draft net operations in the country.