Dublin man gets life for the murder of Kerry girlfriend

A convicted armed robber from Dublin has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his Kerry born girlfriend 11 years ago. 35 year old Sammy Kerrigan was found guilty by an English court of the murder of Catherine Corridon originally from Caherdaniel. He was on the run after taking part in a bank raid when he strangled Ms Corridan and buried her body in a wood.The murder remained unsolved until detectives arrested Mr Kerrigan last year on the day of his release from jail for the bank robbery. Mr Kerrigan admitted burying her and led police to Ms Corridans body in a wooded area near a cricket club in Ealing in May 2004, ten years after she disappeared. Ms Corridon originally from Caherdaniel, was living in London and worked as a chef. Prosecutor Brian Altman said Kerrigan had confessed to a neighbour he had strangled a girlfriend after a party before emptying her bank account. Mr Kerrigan accused his sister Elaine of the killing. However after a three week trial, a jury at Blackfriars Crown Court unanimously convicted Mr Kerrigan of murder.