Dr.Crokes Winners In The County Senior Football League Final

Dr.Crokes faced off against Kerins O’Rahilly’s today in the County Senior Football League Final. Crokes were at home at home in this decider which threw in a 2 a clock. 3 early points by Jack Savage and a goal by Gavin O’Brien put Rahilly’s up 1-3 to no score in the first 10 minutes.After a verbal disagreement with referee Jonathan Griffen Dr.Crokes manager Pat O’Shea was sent off the field early on but it took until 12 mins for Dr.Crokes and Daithí Casey to put a score on the board. Points by Micheal Burns and Colm Cooper with a goal by Daithi Casey brought Crokes back to 1 point. A point by Barry John Keane increased Rahilly’s lead by 2 but points by Micheal Burns and Daithi Casey for Crokes brought the game to a draw at 26 mins. A 32 Minute point by Tony Brosnan followed by a goal by Michael Burns looked like Dr.Crokes would be leading well going into halftime but a late goal right before the halftime whistle by Tommy Walsh put Rahilly’s only 1 point behind Crokes. Halftime score was Dr.Crokes 2-6 and Kerins O’Rahilly’s 2-5.

3 mins into the second half and a point by Micheal Burns and Colm Cooper pushed Crokes lead to 3 points. A Jack Savage point brought Rahilly’s back to 2 but points by Tony Brosnan and Gavin O’Shea increased Crokes lead to 4 points 11 minutes into the second half. Points by Brian Looney and Daithi Casey increased Crokes lead to 6 points with 9 minutes to go. Crokes added another point to the scoreboard but Barry John Keane scored one for Rahilly’s with 6 minutes to go. A point followed by a Jack Savage penalty brought it back to 2 points for Rahilly’s. Another quick point by Rahilly’s brought it back to 1 point with 3 minutes of extra time to go. A Barry John point for Rahilly’s brought the game to a draw in the dying seconds. Bringing the game to extra time

Dr.Crokes started the first half of extra time with 2 points by Kieran O’leary and Daithi Casey putting them 2 points up. A Brian Looney point increased Crokes lead to 3 points. Halftime at extra time was Dr.Crokes 2-16 and Kerins O’Rahilly’s 3-10. The start of the second half of extra time saw Rahilly’s get a point but Crokes answered back with 2 points increasing their lead to 4 points. A Jack Savage point with 3 minutes left decreased Crokes lead to 3 points. A Tony Brosnan point followed by another for Micheal burns brought Crokes lead to 5 points and securing the win for Dr.Crokes. Final score was Dr.Crokes 2-20 and Kerins O’Rahilly’s 3-12.

Crokes selector Niall O’Callaghan

Rahilly’s manager Micheal Quirke