Doon Church in Ballybunion is to be sold

The controversial proposal to sell Doon Church in Ballybunion is to go ahead. The church owned by the Ballybunion development company will be sold by public auction at the end of the month. The listed building has a guide price of 250,000 euro and has been the subject of debate in the town. Locals in the town including a former director of the development company are opposed to its sale.The listed structure was sold by a developer in the seventies to the Ballybunion development company who bought it with financial assistance from the church. A decision was taken by the company to sell the building in order to raise funds for the town. The majority of the money from the sale will be poured into the leisure complex that has been ear marked for the town. This project is currently at tender stage.A former director of the development company Nuala Costello says she`s opposed to the sale of the building. She believes the church as a historical structure, should be left for the people of Ballybunion. Another question is whether or not the church will be reimbursed their share of the finance they first gave to the town`s development company to buy the building. The public auction of Doon Church will go ahead on October 22nd in Ballybunion.