Diving incident victim named.

The woman who died in a diving incident off bull head in Kerry yesterday has been named as 25 year old Heather Schofield. She was part of a 7 strong team of divers who used an inflatable craft to get to their location close to Minard. Her diving equipment will now be technically examined. Initial reports suggest her oxygen may have run low leading to the tragedy.The group began diving at around 10 o clock yesterday morning, when Heather Schofield failed to resurface an hour later her colleagues began searching for her and the alarm was raised. Her body was found close to the scene and has been removed to Tralee General Hospital. Ms Schofield is a UK national. It`s understood her mother is also holidaying in the area and was in Dingle when the body was recovered.Meanwhile up to 20 members of Kerry mountain rescue were involved in taking two men down from Carrantuathail last night. The two men from Cork raised the alarm shortly before 4 o clock after getting stuck on a cliff face. They were roped down to safety by a mountain rescue team and reached the base of the mountain at around 9 pm last night.