Dispute arises on design of casual trading stalls in Tralee

A row has broken out in Tralee over the style and design of casual trading stalls for the new Town Square. The Square is due for completion before the end of the month and Council Officials want the casual traders to purchase new uniform stalls. However the traders themselves disagree saying it’s a huge expense and the stalls the council has in mind aren’t even suitable. At last night’s meeting of Tralee Town Council new casual trading by-laws were put before the Cllrs.These include a ban on vehicles parking in the new square and a provision whereby litter can lead to the loss of any Casual Trading Licence. The by-laws were passed without opposition but the problems arose over the type of stalls which would or would not be allowed in the new square. Council Officials want a French style pop-up marquee introduced and want this to be uniform for all traders. The stalls would cost between 400 euro and 2 thousand euro depending on size.Several Cllrs were against the idea of a uniform stall feeling it will detract from the atmosphere of the square , while others felt traders have had a very difficult few months and shouldn’t be burdened further. However Town Engineer Gerry Riordan and project Manager James Clifford warned that after all the hard work the square must not be ruined now with stalls. As no decision could be reached it was agreed that the issue of the stall would be deferred to allow further negotiations to take place between the council and traders.