Disposable income in Kerry doubles in 6 years.

Disposable income in the county has almost doubled in the six year period from 1996 to 2001. Despite the increase Kerry is still seventh from the bottom in terms of disposable income nationally. It surpasses Donegal, laois, Offaly, Mayo, Carlow and South Tipperary.Not surprisingly Dublin and the eastern region continue to have the highest disposable income per person in the eight regional authority areas. Kerry with an average disposable income of 13 and a half thousand achieves only 72 per cent of the Dublin figure. The figure for 2001 is over a thousand euro higher than the 2000 figure and moves the county from second from the bottom to seventh in just one year.12 counties including Kerry are 90 per cent below the state average. The figures which were released by the central statistics office are broken down per regional areas and the office warns against placing too much emphasis on each county as the data is not sufficiently robust. But when Kerry is examined as part of the South West Region once again the county is failing to compete with Cork – disposable income is two thousand euro less in Kerry per anum.