Dezy Walls – July 31st, 2019

On In Conversation this week Joe McGill’s guest is Dezy Walls who is foremost an entertainer. He was born in Dublin, and reared in Cork part of a musical family. His years in Kinsale, County Cork as the “pianoman” entertaining tourists (’91 to ’06) were interrupted by five years in the Netherlands as a corporate showman. He then spent the years 2007 to 2013 performing ‘house concerts’ in 42 different states across the USA whilst still travelling to Europe regularly for events. Although known for his many “piano-bikes” and his witty award winning songs, Dezy’s first love is theatre. He is the creator of the musical comedy, Not the Life I Ordered, in which he has acted opposite his brother, Peter D. Walls. He has also directed this show in London and the USA. He will talk to Joe about a play he wrote which marked the 50th anniversary of the AerLingus plane crash near Tuskar Rock which claimed his father’s life.