Development levies to remain the same.

Development levies in the county will not be increased in the coming year after councillors unanimously agreed not to introduce any increases. This means there will be no increase in the connection charge for water and sewage services. However a levy for quarrying and a further charge for community projects will be introduced.Councillors appeared to be of one mind on the development levies ahead of today`s meeting but it still took over two hours of heated debate to reach a decision. The packed public gallery and the proximity of the local elections contributing to what was at times a bad tempered debate. Senior council staff made the case for hikes in the levies arguing that services will suffer if the figure is not increased.Willy Wixtead said that the current levy of 3,800 only caters for water and sewage connections, whereas the new scheme includes provisions for community facilities. He said keeping the levy at its original level would mean the same sum is spread across an increased level of services. Members eventually agreed to adopt the levy at last year`s rate but further talks on a quarrying charge and a community type scheme are to take place.