Development levies to remain the same in Listowel.

Members of Listowel Town Council have unanimously agreed not to increase development levies. Town Manager Michael McMahon warned that the town cannot move forward infrastructurally if the current rate of levies is not increased. However Cllr Maria Gorman said the town will not stick its neck out by raising its development levies. Councillor Denis Stack said he believed any increase of levies in the town, particularly for young couples would be anti family and deter people from buying homes in Listowel.Cllr Ned O Sullivan agreed that levies should be kept at their existing level as there was an already growing housing list. However Town Manager Michael McMahon told Cllrs that Listowel was due to upgrade services over the year and this would cost money that simply wasn`t available. The Manager asked that the current rate be brought up to par with that of Kerry County Council. However Cllr Maria O Gorman asked why if the County Council failed to raise their levies, that Listowel Council should stick its neck out and raise their figures.It was proposed by Councilllor Loughnane that the levies increase go ahead but that the rate stay the same for first time buyers. It was explained that a majority of people buying homes were first time buyers and it would not be practical to exclude them from the levy. It was eventually agreed that the current levy of just under 1800 euro be adopted for this year.