Deputy Healy Rae willing to support Fianna Fail on his terms

Deputy Jackie Healy Rae says he is willing to support Fianna Fail but only if the partnership with the P.D.s is abolished. The South Kerry Deputy maintains an overwhelming majority of Fianna Fail backbenchers want the P.D s out of the coalition and are advocating a return of the independents. Both Deputy Healy Rae and Donegal`s Neil Blarney say they would be prepared to reform a coalition with Fianna Fail but only if they end their partnership with the P.DsDeputy Healy Rae maintains the party never had any right to go into government with the progressive democrats. The South Kerry TD says he has been approached by a number of Fianna Fail back benchers asking him where he stood on the issue and he has replied that he is willing to back the government. Deputy Neil Blaney and Healy Rae still meet with the government on a weekly basis. As it stands the party needs 84 of the 166 available Dail votes to ensure a majority, ff currently has 79 Dail seats down 2 since the expulsion of Michael Collins and Beverly cooper Flynn. If a decision was made to include the support of independents, Deputy Healy Rae says he would be willing to support the government but only if an agreement could be reached between both an Taoiseach Bertie Ahearn and Deputy Healy Rae.