Deputy Ferris accuses Fine Gael of hypocrisy

The political sniping between Sinn Fein and Fine Gael since the local elections last month is continuing. Deputy Martin Ferris is accusing Fine Gael of outstanding hypocrisy for supporting Fianna fail at this week’s Tralee Town Council meeting. This attack by Deputy Ferris stems from comments made by Fine Gael at the Annual General meeting of Kerry County Council last month. When Sinn Fein supported Fianna Fail for the chair, cllr bobby O`Connell and his colleagues criticised the move.Sinn Fein has insisted it was a technical arrangement and is now pointing to Fine Gael`s actions earlier this week. A position on fenit harbour board was filled by a fianna fail nominee with fine Gael backing. Deputy Ferris points out that there’s been a lot of bluster from Fine Gael about their unwillingness to work with fianna fail and this decision shows their hypocrisy.