Department releases information on how it reports number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kerry

The Department of Health has released further information on how it reports the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kerry.

An issue arose last evening, where a press statement outlined the increase in cases across all counties, including here in Kerry.

However, there was no Kerry increase reflected in the county-by-county breakdown.

Every evening, the Department of Health releases a press statement, outlining the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 nationally.

In recent weeks, this press statement includes every county in which there has been a confirmed case.

More in-depth information, including county-by-county and electoral district breakdowns, is available on the COVID-19 Data Hub, also known as the dashboard.

However, there are varying time delays between the two sources of information.

Following a Radio Kerry query, the department says that daily press statements contain the number of confirmed cases from midnight the day before, while the county-by-county figures on the dashboard can be delayed by up to 36 hours.

The department adds, as this is an ongoing situation, data is subject to validation at the HPSC and revision of figures is done regularly.