Department of Agriculture urging Kerry public to report suspect breaches of regulations

The Department of Agriculture is urging the Kerry public to report suspect breaches of regulations.
In response to a number of pet lambs for sale in Kerry, the department had reminded herd owners of the requirements of the National Sheep Identification System.
It’s not permissible for an individual with no herd number to receive sheep or lambs from a farmer.
In recent months, pet lambs have been offered for sale on various media throughout Kerry.
The Department of Agriculture previously told Radio Kerry that farmers who sell pet lambs to unregistered individuals may be in breach of department regulations.
Prior to moving off a holding, an animal must be tagged and accompanied by a dispatch document, which is completed by the registered owner from whose farm the lamb is moving; the recipient is also required to notify this movement to the department.
The department adds where it’s suspected the terms of the National Sheep Identification System are not being adhered to, this should be brought to the attention of a regional office, following which appropriate action will be taken.