Delay issuing deer culling permits, including for Killarney National Park, could cause damage to habitats

A delay in issuing permits for culling deer, including those in Killarney National Park, could cause damage to wildlife and delicate habitats.

That’s according to Damien Hannigan of the Irish Deer Commission, who says there’s been a delay to the issuing of permits to cull wild deer across the country this year.

Around 5,500 permits are issued annually by the NPWS to manage 15,000 Sika deer between September 1st and the end of February; however, only 2,000 have been issued so far this year.

Mr Hannigan says the delay, which is causing frustration among licensed deer hunters, increases the potential threat of damage to farming and forestry.

He adds, however, the antiquated system of issuing permits doesn’t help.