Deer cull in Killarney National Park being scientifically operated

A deer cull in Killarney National Park is being scientifically operated.

That’s according to Regional Manager of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Seamus Hassett, who was speaking after criticism of deer being around the Ballydowney roundabout in the town.

Part of Killarney National Park was closed yesterday for the cull; up to 240 deer are being targeted in the ongoing operation.

The park had to be closed as members of the public last year ignored signs not to enter locations where shooting was taking place.

Seamus Hassett says the cull is being operated on a scientific basis, based on data obtained within the park.


Seamus Hassett of the National Parks and Wildlife Service also says a biodiversity study is being undertaken in Killarney National Park, and this will guide them on managing all species in the park in the future.