Decendents of The Earl Of Kerry visit Listowel

The Marquis and Marques of Lansdowne are to visit Listowel Castle today. They’ll be accompanied by colleagues from The House of Lords. The visit comes amid an ongoing row over planning permission for a performance area outside the castle. The Marquis and Marques of Lansdowne are descendents of the Fitzmaurice`s, Earls of Kerry and they’re in the county to visit Listowel Castle. The castle which dates back to the 15th century was the stronghold of the Fitzmaurice`s. They will be accompanied today by colleagues from the house of lordsThe visit though comes at somewhat of bad time as a row over planning continues. Town Council Officials are at present examining a performance area constructed by the OPW at the entrance to the castle. No planning was granted for the structure as the OPW say they thought it was exempt. A report is expected on the matter in the coming days but if the dispute’s not resolved soon the castle’s official opening in early June may have to be deferred.