Criticism of party headquarters by Fine Gael Councillors

Two Fine Gael County Councillors say they are angry at party headquarters for issuing a directive asking them not to vote for Dana Rose Mary Scallon in her Presidential bid. Councillor Pat McCarty, Cllr Liam Purtill and Cllr Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald all defied the party ruling and voted to support Dana. Cllr Cosai Fitzgerald says in the interests of democracy, Dana should have gotten the nomination from the council. Meanwhile Cllr McCarty says he will be seeking a meeting with party headquarters amd questioning them about their decision. He says he believes the constitution takes precedence over politics. Meanwhile a Fianna Fail councillor who voted in favour of Dana yesterday says his party colleagues had a free vote. Councillor Ted Fitzgerald says Fianna Fail Councillors were not issued with a directive from HQ and so were allowed to vote whatever way they wanted.