Crime levels in Kerry decrease over past nine months

Crime levels in Kerry decreased over the past nine months.

This is according to figures released at the Joint Policing Committee meeting, where an update was given by Kerry gardaí to public representatives, community groups and the media.

The information relates to the first nine months of 2020.

The data is broken into four categories: property crime, crimes against the person, criminal damage and public order, and drugs and offensive weapons.

Property crime, which includes burglary and theft, saw the greatest decrease: there were 707 offences during the nine-month period, down 28% on 2019.

Criminal damage and public order offences also saw a large decrease, down 24% to 979.

Crimes against person were down 18% to 466.

The drugs and offensive weapons category was down 14% to just under 500, despite the possession of drugs for sale or supply increasing by nearly one-fifth.

Chief Superintendent of the Kerry Garda Division Eileen Foster welcomed the reduction in crime overall, adding the COVID-19 restrictions had a positive effect on crime levels.