Court hears of ‘anguish and torment’ of Waterville post mistress following armed robbery

Tralee Circuit Criminal Court has heard of the “anguish and torment” suffered by a post mistress after two men held up Waterville Post Office in August of last year.

38-year-old Marcus O’Rourke, Rathanane, Kilcummin and 32-year-old Brian O’Sullivan, Coolies, Muckross, Killarney are charged with robbery of cash from postmistress Lisa O’Reilly Foran at Waterville Post Office on August 3rd, 2016; having a firearm or an imitation firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence; endangerment and damage to property.

Both have pleaded guilty to the indictments.

At this morning’s sentencing hearing, the court heard the victim impact statement of postmistress Lisa O’Reilly Foran.

Sergeant Donovan told prosecuting barrister for the State Tom Rice that Ms O’Reilly Foran had been expecting a delivery of cash to Waterville Post Office and that cash could be lodged in one room to a time-locked safe in another.

At 11:20 on August 3rd, 2016 a security van arrived and delivered cash into the safe drop.

Shortly afterwards two masked men entered the premises; shouting “we want the money, we have a gun”, or words to that effect, at Ms O’Reilly Foran who was behind glass at the kiosk.

The court heard the smaller of the two men then shouted “where is the money”, before proceeding to break the glass with the crowbar and undo the lock and enter the kiosk.

Sergeant Donovan said the men obtained approximately €4,500 remaining in the kiosk float and made an escape in the direction of a Ford Ka parked outside.

In the victim impact statement of Lisa O’Reilly Foran, read by Sergeant Donovan, the postmistress stated she had trouble sleeping since the incident, suffered stress, had stomach problems and no longer felt safe.

“I will never forget the gun being pointed at me on that day”, she stated.

The statement also told of the “anguish and torment” experienced by her family, how her father had suffered and mini-stroke and that her mother was hospitalised a week following the incident.

Judge Thomas O’Donnell remanded all respective matters regarding the indictments to the July 21st sitting of the circuit court.