Counting has officially begun in the abortion referendum


Counting has officially begun in the abortion referendum.

Ballot boxes are being opened across the country with the exit polls saying it’ll be a landslide yes vote.

The process of counting the votes from what looks like an exceptionally high turnout is underway and we should have a good idea if the exit polls are right before midday.

An official result is likely to come in the late afternoon.

Last night’s two opinion polls are predicting a landslide victory for the Yes side.

Both the Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI and the RTÉ Behaviour and Attitudes polls say it will break almost 70-30 in favour of repealing the 8th amendment.

The figures suggest every age demographic with the exception of the over 65s voted heavily Yes.

Almost 9 in 10 people aged between 18 and 24 voted in favour of repeal.

In Dublin the repeal vote was strongest but the figures say it will comfortably pass in every province.