Councilors adopt new scheme of development levies.

Tralee Town Councilors have adopted a new scheme of development levies based on the size of commercial premises. Attempts to introduce a similar charge for residential properties failed. The commercial charge has been set at 56 euro per square meter. Last month councilors asked for charges based on the size of a development to be calculated rather than a series of individual charges for connection to water and sewage services.Town Engineer Jerry Riordan said this system is more equitable as a smaller house is cheaper than a large house. The suggested price was 51 euro and Mr Riordan said for around 70 per cent of houses being built in Tralee this would represent a 7 and a half per cent increase. However councilors felt there are enough charges on house builders and it was agreed instead to adopt a charge of 50 euro per house for cultural projects. The commercial levy was adopted unanimously.