Councillors foreign travel costs over 16 thousand euro.

County councillors have claimed almost 16 thousand euro in foreign travel expenses in the past 12 months. They made five trips abroad in the last year, with the Former Mayor of Kerry Brendan MacGearailt representing the council on four occasions. Cllr MacGearailt claimed almost 8,000 euro in travel expenses during his tenure as mayor.He visited Quebec in Canada for the docking of the Jeanie Johnston and a trip to Spain to study wind farms. He was in the United States in March and recently, visited Croatia with a view to twinning a town there. He has still not claimed expenses for the Croatian trip. Michael Healy Rae got over 2 thousand 600 euro, having made 2 foreign trips, while Michael Connor-Scarteen and Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald received expenses for their trip to Prague.