Councillor calls for revised setback distance for wind turbines

Cllr Charlie Farrelly (Non-Party) Castleisland area Kerry County Council Photo By Domnick Walsh © Eye Focus LTD Tralee Co Kerry Ireland Mobile Phone : 00 353 87 26 72 033 Land Line : 00 353 66 71 22 981 E/Mail : [email protected] Web Site : ALL IMAGES ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT ©

A Kerry County Councillor is proposing the local authority adopt a setback distance for wind turbines.

Independent Cllr Charlie Farrelly says the structures should be built at a distance of 15 times the turbine’s height away from the nearest house.

He says this could be incorporated into the County Development Plan.

A review of the local authority’s Renewable Energy Policy is currently being undertaken but it’s adoption will be delayed until national guidelines are published.

Cllr Farrelly says he is not against wind turbines but has concerns about their positioning.

He says we are waiting for thirteen years for guidelines: