Councill members told not to expect action on all motions proposed.

Members of the Council have been told they cannot expect action on all motions proposed, because of lack of funding. Michael Scannell of Corporate Services informed members that as they failed to increase levies this year they could not expect the council to improve works where there is no funding available. The comment was made arising from a motion put forward by Councillor Michael Gleeson regarding progress made by the County Council in designating and signposting public rights of way and hill walks.In seconding the motion Cllr Billy Leen said the answer provided by Mr Scannell was not good enough. He said the issue of levies was gone to bed and he hoped it would stay in bed. In response Michael Scannell said the the Councils Community and Enterprise Department is currently preparing a discussion paper with a view to developing a policy on walkways.However he pointed out that a decision on designating and signposting the walkways would not and could not be taken if funding was not made available. He added that it would be remiss of the Council not to point out that alot of projects put forward would not see fruition due to a lack of finances.