Council tenants relocated from five houses in Listowel due to oil leaks

Tenants in five Kerry County Council properties in the Listowel Municipal District have had to be relocated due to oil leaks.
The issue was raised by Sinn Fein Cllr Tom Barry at the recent MD meeting where the council said the matter was “complex”.
Kerry County Council’s Housing Department says it is currently dealing with five separate incidents involving oil leaks in the Listowel Municipal District Area.
A spokesperson for the local authority says the incidents are all separate and are a complete coincidence of five different issues.
The council says the matter is complex and in all cases the neighbouring properties have also been affected.
Specialist environmental companies were employed to complete air and ground contamination reports and based on those the tenants had to be relocated to other accommodation.
Multiple insurance companies are involved and the council says the issues will take some time to resolve.
Tenders were sought from specialist remediation contractors who are currently in the process of being appointed to deal with two properties in Listowel.