Council to seek increase in HAP rent limits in Kerry

Kerry County Council is to write to central government in an effort to increase the rent limit in Kerry under the HAP or Housing Assistance Programme.

Councillors have raised concerns about the rent limit in Kerry, which is several hundred euro lower than the rates in neighbouring counties Cork and Limerick.

The Housing Assistance Programme is a form of social housing support for people who have a long-term housing need.

Under the scheme, local authorities pay landlords directly; the rent charged must be within the limits set down for each household type in each local authority’s area.

Tenants pay a weekly HAP rent contribution to their council, based on their income and ability to pay.

In Kerry, the maximum rate of rent for a house is €575, however, in Co Cork it’s €950, and in Co Limerick it’s €750.

Councillors say the Kerry rates are too low and make it difficult for applicants to secure housing.

Chief Executive Moira Murrell said the council will write to central government and engage with them in an effort to increase the HAP limits in Kerry.