Council says farmers affected by CPO can supplement incomes with on-farm accommodation

South Kerry farmers affected by a CPO can supplement their incomes through developing on-farm accommodation.
That’s according to Conor Culloo, Senior Engineer with Kerry County Council, who was responding to questions on the financial viability of farms along the proposed South Kerry Greenway route.
The local authority is seeking to acquire 222 plots of land for the project, 160 of which are agricultural holdings.
The barrister for the Greenway Information Group, Michael O’Donnell, said many of his clients’ farms will be divided due to the greenway.
This, he claimed, will result in an already-marginal economic activity to become further strained to the point where farming in the area becomes unviable.
The barrister asked Mr Culloo what does he propose the affected farmers should do in this instance.
The engineer said the greenway will create many opportunities in the agritourism industry, including an increased demand for both farm produce and accommodation.
Mr O’Donnell asked if the greenway will result in farmers getting a better price for their sheep or cattle; Mr Culloo said the project will make marginal tourism projects more viable in the area.
The local authority also rejected a claim that the greenway was designed with no consideration of local farmers’ income.