Council refuses permission for Dingle housing development

Permission has been refused for a housing development in Dingle.

Kerry County Council found the proposed development would seriously impact on existing housing in the area and deprecate their value.

Zinbar Grove Developments sought planning permission to construct a corner terraced building forming a streetscape fronting onto the new Dingle Relief Road and Goat Street.

The proposed development at Farrannakilla consisted of nine terraced houses and two apartments.

There were 22 submissions objecting to the development including from local residents and the Dingle Sustainable Development Group.

Objectors pointed out that the proposed site for the development is in use as a recreational area for an existing housing development, it would constitute over development and be out of character for the area.

Kerry County Council refused permission saying the development would be located on the permitted public amenity space, would seriously injure amenities and depreciate the value of existing houses.

It added the proposal would contravene a planning permission condition attached to the existing housing development and would be contrary to proper planning and sustainable development of the area.