Council to examine how plans for long-awaited pier in Cromane can be progressed

Kerry County Council is to look at how plans for a long-awaited new pier at Cromane can be progressed.

Cllr Michael Cahill brought a motion to the monthly meeting of the council with the support of all councillors, saying the safety of fishermen in the Mid Kerry village is at risk.

Previous plans to develop facilities at a cost of up to €8 million were shelved.

Cllr Michael Cahill is calling on Kerry County Council to invite all necessary agencies to round table discussions on the construction of a new pier and access road in Cromane.

He says there’s a huge need for this project to be advanced as local fishermen have to reverse tractors and trailers into the water to land catches from boats.

The Fianna Fáil councillor also believes that a new pier at the Mid Kerry mussel and oyster fishery would enhance and protect the economic growth of the area.

The council says the provision of a pier for Cromane was previously progressed and was estimated to cost between €6.5 million and €8 million in 2003.

They also say re-examining the feasibility of the development of Cromane Pier is an objective of the Kerry Local Economic and Community Plan 2016 – 2022.

The local authority says it will invite the relevant agencies to examine how the project can be progressed.