Council to erect extra signage to improve traffic flow on Slea Head Drive

Kerry County Council is to erect extra signage in order to improve traffic flow on the Slea Head Drive.

The council was responding to a question from West Kerry Cllr Seamus Cosaí Fitzgerald, who was asking for a one-way traffic system for part of the year on a pilot basis.

The local authority says, however, that this wouldn’t work.
Cllr Seamus Cosaí Fitzgerald called on Kerry County Council to consider a one-way traffic system for a specified time of the day from the 1st of April to the 1st of November, on a pilot basis, to ease traffic issues on Slea Head.

The council says they’ve consulted Gardaí and given extensive consideration to the proposal, but believe it’s not appropriate.

They say enforcement of a one-way system is totally impractical in a rural area, and there’s a significant risk motorists wouldn’t comply.

They also say the statutory speed limit of 80km/hr can’t be reduced.

The local authority is proposing a number of measures to improve traffic flow including supplementary signage, which will be put in place immediately past Milltown Bridge within the next two weeks, to reinforce the recommended clockwise direction to traffic on the Slea Head Drive.

There will also be a sign placed at Dun Chaoin Cross, which will provide an option for traffic going to Ventry and Dingle to travel via the Clasach.