Council commence work to repair damaged flood defence in Banna

Banna Embankment Damage, photo by Patrick Lawlor. Damage caused by Storm Ciara.

Kerry County Council has started work to repair a flood defence in Banna that was damaged during a recent storm.

A 100-year-old sand embankment in Banna was demolished on February 10th, during Storm Ciara, leaving a 10-metre hole in the defence.

Residents had previously outlined concerns that up to 60 houses were at risk of flooding due to the damage caused.

Kerry County Council has confirmed that works to clear the main drainage channel have commenced.

This work will enable a full engineering assessment to be carried out of the sluice structure, which is a devise that controls water levels and flow; this assessment will help identify the requirements for the issue to be fully repaired, according to the council.

The area will be further inspected on Monday.

The council plan to complete these temporary works by March 6th, ahead of the peak spring-tide on March 11th, to protect against any further damage at this location.