Council agree on charges for new carpark in Ballybunion

Kerry County Council has adopted a charge of one euro per hour for parking in the new facility in Ballybunion town centre. The charges will come into effect on june first. The carpark will provide 135 extra spaces for the town. Senior Engineer with the Council Paul Stack says the money earned from the charges once the loan is cleared will be put back into Ballybunion to carry out further development in the town.Cllr Robert Beasley called for the charges to be deferred until another carpark near the children`s playground is ready and that both amenities be officialy opened in 2006. This was rejected by the Council. He also proposed that a ceiling charge of five euro per day be implemented. This too was rejected as the Council said people visiting the town for the day, particularly during the summer months would clog up the spaces, by parking for the whole day. This would also damage the financial viability of the carpark.