Council accused of going back on its word for not providing Castleisland traffic warden

Photo: Google Maps

Kerry County Council has been accused of going back on its word for not providing a traffic warden for the three schools in Castleisland.

There are some 500 pupils attending the three schools, which are within 150 metres of each other on the College Road in the town, and there are no parking facilities in the area.
Independent Cllr Maura Healy-Rae says there isn’t enough space for children to be dropped off or collected at the three schools on the College Road in Castleisland, and she says parents are parking on footpaths.

She claims Kerry County Council previously said they would provide a traffic warden and have now gone back on their word.

The council says there are no plans to provide additional traffic wardens in Castleisland, although consideration may be given to some random enforcement.

They’d have to introduce paid parking to cover the cost of a full-time traffic warden in Castleisland.

Local Cllr Bobby O’Connell also called on the council to undertake a traffic management plan, and develop a drop off point at College Road.

Council management say they can see if anything can be done to improve traffic movement at school times, and will look at getting a traffic warden to be at the school in the mornings.